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My business name is very different to the pre-made brand name - will it still look good?
Yes. It may not look exactly the same, your business name may be two separate words and the pre-made brand you have chosen has one single short word. Don't worry though, we will be able to customise the brand to ensure it works for you and still looks great.

I already have a logo - can I just buy the assets?
Maybe. This is dependent on your current logo and other assets. Please get in touch to discuss.

There's a Pre-Made Brand that I love, but there's something about it I want to change - can I?
We include one round of amends within each of our packages. Colour changes and straight forward font swaps are easy. Please get in touch to discuss, the changes you want to see are most likely possible but may just require a little added time/cost.

I can't see quite what I'm looking for - what are my options?
Our brand collections are always growing, so if nothing here is grabbing your attention please feel free to get in touch with a little info about your business. We may be able to give you a sneak peak of what's on the drawing board. Alternatively check out our One Of A Kind package where we can create a unique brand identity, designed from scratch so you get exactly what you want.

Your process mentions simple amends - what to these include?
This stage allows for content amends (text and images) and also any tweaks to the colour story, We can only accommodate x1 round of amends, which don't include changes to the design.

Why is each brand sold up to 5 times?
This gives us the opportunity to provide quality brands for businesses on a tight budget.

What happens if I want additional work further down the line?
We would LOVE to work with you again. Our design team are highly experienced in communicating a brand across all touchpoints; print, packaging, digital, interiors etc. Get in touch with a bit more project info and we can go from there.

What happens if my chosen brand is already taken in my geographical area or business sector?
The world is a big ol' place but if this should happen we can look to see if we have some other similar styled Pre-Made Brands on our drawing board. We continue to work on a number of pre-mades at any one time, so hopefully we'll have something up our sleeve which will become your new favourite! We will also offer you a full refund should the Pre-Made Brand you've chosen already be used by another business in your  sector or in your geographical location.


How do I receive my final files?
Hi-res and screen jpegs and EPS. Stationery will be supplied as print-ready PDFs, Brand Toolkit and Style Guide as PDFs.

Can you provide any of the files as a Word document so I can edit them?
Yes we can. This will be an additional cost. This service is available for letterheads and flyers only.

I have a few members of staff who each need a personal business card. Are you able to provide more than one version of the business card?
Yes we can at a small additional cost.

Can you organise print for me?
We can! We work with a number of trusted printers and are able to provide quotes for more premium specs than you will find online. If this isn't for you, we recommend you have a look around online, there are more online printers than the obvious household names and requesting sample packs is a good way to see if you're happy with the quality compared to the price.

Do you have any advice on print finishes?
Check out our blog post here.

Haven't found an answer to your question here? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Qs.